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Gasket Flange

SSTC Novaphite Gasket
Following the replacement of Asbestos, Initially for gaskets applications are in a higher temperature range. Pair of gas bound to rubber has a natural maximum temperature limit. There is a special need for solutions that are better for hot media, dangerous and have creeping properties, such as steam or heat transfer oil. This is the reason for the extraordinary success of gaskets made from expanded graphite. The nature of novaphit® gaskets made of expanded graphite • Suitable for temperatures between -200 ° C and 550 ° C • Not sensitive to load changes • Maximum adaptability to cause unevenness • High flexibility when sealing surfaces are disliked / damaged • Practically none hot creeps • Universal chemical resistance • Maximum sealing performance in flanges • Use of internal pressure levels up to 250bar. Consistent product quality thanks to the process control system, Frenzelit is involved in the entire process of making the Novaphit® product family, from obtaining graphite raw materials to finished gaskets. All meters that affect quality are monitored through a process control system. This guarantees consistent maintenance of the highest product quality. The reliable process of sealing in user operations and thus becoming a reliable process at the factory. The design of the Frenzelit sealing system produces the data for gasket applications in its own laboratory. A large number of different tests are carried out on an ongoing basis. Test ranges from medium endurance tests to thermal tests and determination of sealing parameters on sophisticated AMTEC test rigs. The quality department and development department often use this laboratory service. Custom customer testing is also carried out, as possible.

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