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 Tombo 1993
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Gasket Flange

Packing Tombo 1935 Gaskets, Tombo 1000, Tombo 1303, Tombo 1100, Tombo NA 1935, Tombo NA 1995, Tombo 1120. Selling tombo gaskets with various sizes, types of JIS, ANSI, PN, DN, etc., using bolt holes or without bolt holes,

We provide sizes / thicknesses of 0.5mm to 5mm, with material from Tombo Asbestos and Tombo non asbestos. We accept the manufacture of Flanges and Gaskets of various sizes of GASKET.
Function as packing / fleng GAS_AIR_MINYAK ETC.

Price above size 3mm x 127cm x 127cm


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